How to check bike and car insurance from mobile

Friends, today we are going to talk about the insurance, friends, how can you check the insurance of any vehicle, any one, today we will know all of this, in this article, you will find friends in this article only from the number of the car  I am going to tell you to do insurance check very easily but you can find out if it has been insured or not, if you have expired, and for how long, friends, if you want to check your car or any vehicle.

if you do an accident check  First of all, you have to open Chrome, after opening Chrome, friends, yes, yes, yes, yes, friends, yes, friends, you will have to search as soon as transport friends.  Will come will come first link will come will come will come link will come transport service has to click on that, in clicking, friends in transport you.

How to check bike and car insurance from mobile

friends in official transport, you transport official friends, you will come on transport official site, friends there  But you will face many options like vehicle registers  Option of driver’s license, etc., you will get to see, then you do not have to click on all of them, you have to scroll down a bit, like friends, if you go down a little bit, then there will be RC status written in front of you. 

Clicking on, like friends will click, a notification will come in front of you, which will be written, click on the OK button to go to the external website, then you have to click on the OK button, as soon as you click, a popup will come in front of you if you cut it.  You will not open the external website, if you accidentally cut it, then you give the Aarti from Aarti Aarti again.

then you have to click on Aarti Aarti Status from Aarti Aarti again and then you come to the Stunner website  You will go friends as soon as the inter will be in front of you, Inter brother will come tomorrow, the number will be written, it means that you have to enter the number of the vehicle, now in any state, you should put the UP MP by putting you there and you have to put the number of the car there.  And below that one needs an app, friends should also fill it, friends too.

check bike and car insurance

  Friends from all over, he will also have the option to search the entire vehicle, you have to click on it, after that you will get a little nude, if your net speed is there, then it will open there very soon, then after them friends after them friends after friends.  The information will be open there, whatever details will be available to you from the car, as if you are seeing this image, you will be seeing this image in this image,

similarly you will get the complete details related to the vehicle, which has been insured or not.  How long is it and if there will ever be a friend, all the information will come in front of you, so that you can know the insurance friends of your car, if you like the article, please share it with your friends, if you are having any problem then you can understand it.

  You can ask us in the comments, friends, if you want to insure your vehicle online and you do not know, then you can ask us how I do online insurance in the next post, I will definitely write an article Thank you for reading the article

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